Reference Books on Handmade Papermaking History & Techniques

Papermaking - The History & Technique of an Ancient Craft By Dard
Pub. Dover Publications, New York 1978.

Making Paper. A Look into the History of an Ancient Craft. By Bo

Recueil de Planches sur Les Sciences,Les Artes Liberaux et Les Arts
Mechaniques avec leur Explication.
L'Encyclopedie Diderot et Alembert Imprimerie Reliure
Pub.Inter-Livres 1994

The Art of Making Paper
taken from the "Univerfal Magazine of Knowledge & Pleafure & other
Arts & Sciences
Extracts from Vols X,XXX,XXX11
Pub.The Plough Press 1978 Leicestershire,England

William Balston Papermaker 1759 - 1849 By Thomas Balston.
Pub.Methuen 1954

Papermaking in Britain 1488 - 1988 By Richard L.Hills.
Pub. Athlone Press 1988

Paper Making in England 1495-1788 By Rhys Jenkins
AAL Reprints No5 1958

Paper Making in the British Isles - An Historical & Geographical
Study By Alfred H.Shorter
Pub.David & Charles Newton Abbot 1971

Sources of Early English Paper Supply By Edward Heaward. Presented
as three papers .
Pub. Transactions of the Bibliographic Society.

The Endless Web John Dickenson & Co Ltd 1804 - 1954 By Joan Evans
Pub. Jonathan Cape, London, 1955

Japanese Papermaking - Traditional Tools & Techniques By Timothy
Pub.Wetherhill New York 1983

Paper before Print -the History & Impact of Paper in the Islamic
World By Jonathan M.Bloom
Pub.Yale University Press 2001

Islamic Paper - A Study of the Ancient Craft By Helen Loveday.
Pub The Don Baker Memorial Fund 2001. Distributed by Archetype
Publications (UK)

Off the Deckle Edge - A Papermaking Journey through India. By Neeta
Pub. by Ankar Project, Bombay 1995

Chinese Decorated Letter Paper By T.C.Lai.
Pub. Swindon Book Company. Kowloon. Hong Kong 1978

Girtin & Bonington

British Artists Series
 Pub.Philip Allan & Co London 1922

The Art of Thomas Girtin

Pub. Adam & Charles Black,London 1954

 Turner's Papers Vols 1 & 2 By Peter Bower
Pub. by Order of the Trustees Tate Gallery 1993

The Action of the Beater By Dr.Siguard Smith.
Pub.Technical Section of the UK PapermakersAssoc. 1923

 Double Fold-Libraries & the Assault on Paper. By Nicholson Baker .
Pub.Random House New York 2001

The Book of Wallpaper By E.A.Entwisle
Pub.Arthur Baker,London.1954 with reprints

The Taxation of Paper in Great Britain 1643-1861. By H.Dagnall

Pub.By the Author in collaboration with British assoc.of Paper Historians.


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