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Griffen Mill is a specialist handmade mill manufacturing a range of archival, handmade paper for use in bookbinding, letterpress printing and the recreation of historic wallpapers. The subtle tones resemble antique paper .Using traditional methods of papermaking, these fine handmade papers have all the character of sheets made in past centuries.

Bookbinding Papers

A range of archival paper in different weights specifically designed to meet the needs of paper conservation, bookbinding & restoration. Papers are available as wove & laid sheets. There are also papers specifically designed for the conservation of Islamic & Arabic Ms.     


Art Paper

Griffen Mill makes a small number of art papers - specifically antique - toned drawing papers & two different watercolour papers. The watercolour papers are similar to that used in the 19th C by  J.M.W.Turner and J.S. Cotman.. These are archival papers as well .

It can be very hard to reproduce the character & the tone of antique paper. Since Griffen Mill's papers have been specifically designed as repair papers for old books, maps & documents they are also ideal for  recreating old books,  maps,  scrolls, documents. & antique label making.

                                                                                                       Historic Wallpaper 

During the last fifteen years Griffen Mill handmade wallpaper & lining papers have been used for projects such as Uppark House, The Royal Palace at Kew, the British Galleries in  the V&A & the restoration of Horace Walpole's House at Strawberry Hill.

Ledger Paper for Binding & Calligraphy

The Mill produces an archival, tub sized, ledger paper which matches the properties of the famous ledger paper made by Whatmans in the early 1900's. It is used for calligraphy & as a strong endpaper for large books.

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